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one more week... [Jul. 17th, 2010|05:55 pm]
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[Current Music |Shimizu Shota - GOODBYE]

...until I'm on a plane heading off to Japan. eek. since I last posted I got my contract, exchanged emails with other JETs in the area and my supervisor, and found out more about Wajima. cut cause I actually uploaded some music (!!) and don't think everybody wants to hear about me going to Japan. anyways, password protected the mp3s on mediafire to hopefully prevent hotlinking and whatnot. password is where I'm off to in Japan: Wajima

first, the crap: Wajima USED to have a train system, but that shut down in the early 2000s. which means I'll have to rent/buy a car and hope I don't run over anybody driving on the other side of the road. also calculated exactly how long it'll take to get to Osaka and its like 5 hours. boo.

next, the meh: I don't have a predecessor, which means the people at the Board of Education are still figuring out where I'll be teaching, BUT I get a shiny new apartment instead of getting a hand-me-down.

and the good: from what I've heard, Wajima is a beautiful place, albeit a rural one. better sandy beaches than industrial factories IMO. also, my rent is dirt cheap since my employers are gonna help pay half every month. yay! more money to travel and to stalk Amuro Namie.

its dawning on me that once I leave there's a chance that I may not come back to the states. might get a job in Japan after JET (or highly unlikely, but could find a nice Japanese boy who can deal with me NOT being a housewife for the rest of my life) or head off to Taiwan to teach there. unlike my study abroad experience where I knew I was gonna come back after 9 months this is my first step into the real world and frankly its a little daunting. no host family this time...all my contacts right now are professional ones.

right now, I'm actually more freaked out and apprehensive than excited. the excitement probably won't really hit me until that plane takes off. or until I secure a ticket to see Amuro Namie again XD anyways, back to organizing and packing. @_@

all mp3 files are in 320kbps cause I'm now too lazy to downgrade them to a sampling of 128kbps.

and since I haven't really posted up any music in a long while, here's a track ripped by yours truly featuring the R&B duo twenty4-7 and produced by HI-D off the LUIRE Special Calling Exclusive Collection album:
twenty4-7 - analog
saw the duo in Osaka last year and it was awesome. its sometimes nicer to go to smaller concerts cause there's more of a connection with the performers than the huge arena tours.

speaking of smaller concerts, I checked out new pop/dance artist MiChi at a small club and that was one of the best concert experiences I've ever had. she totally connected with us and made eye contact with everybody multiple times. its great to see her popularity booming now! here's an English (she's half Japanese and British) track off her indies album "MiChi MadNesS":
MiChi - Spread Your Wings

another R&B artist who's kinda under the radar, Hiromi (宏実) actually sang backup for a few of Amuro Namie's songs like 'Baby Don't Cry' (at least I'm assuming there's only one Hiromi around...) she performed at the TERIYAKI BOYZ concert after party I went to after she performed with WISE and I've been interested ever since. <3 this track cause its so emotional; after all it roughly translates to "I want to be loved".
Hiromi - Aisaretai

and that's all for now. comment if you download please, otherwise this journal will feature just my ramblings in Japan. and that's boring. :P

[User Picture]From: raudypenguins
2010-07-18 08:10 am (UTC)
Dude, unless you come to Korea or I go to Japan...I won't see you for a longgggg while. That being said, I HOPE YOU <3 it there! I'm sure it will be an amazing experience!!!

The rural part kind of sucks, but at the same time, it'll really help to immerse you into the culture. Also, being the first kind of makes you the guinea pig, so BE CAREFUL. Check into Social Security, taxes, etc...You should get a form from the U.S. that means you don't have to pay some of the Japanese taxes OR that you'll get it back at the end of your contract. No matter what, you will be taxed by the U.S. government for all money earned abroad (yes, we are the only developed country to do that -- it's BALLZ).

Bring make-up and comfort foods. It's worth it. OR you can ship stuff for relatively cheap, but takes up to 2 months. It's the small things that really make a difference on bad days. And legit, buy whatever will make your life happier, whether it be a car or an elephant. For me, it was a piano and an oven. At the end, you can probably sell it, so don't even sweat it.

I'm sad to hear that you may not return to the U.S., but it's completely understandable. You never know what will happen in a year. Be sure to keep in touch!!!!!!!!!
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[User Picture]From: redsunsetxiii
2010-07-20 03:33 am (UTC)
so you are staying for another year in Korea??? I'm SO GONNA VISIT YOU. you're also welcome to stay with me, though getting there might be a bit of trouble >_> lol

and well, some good news is that although my position is new, my BOE (board of education) isn't new to this cause there are two people on JET there right now. I guess they just wanted another teacher...? whatever, at least I don't get the other teacher's rundown apartment lol

and yes, I got that stupid IRS form. took them over 60 freaking days to get that lame piece of paper to me >_> my FBI fingerprints on the other hand...bleh had to get them redone cause the quality wasn't good enough the first time around.

from what I can tell, there isn't a sea mail option anymore through the post office. >_< unless you found a way to send stuff to Korea?? I'm packing away my winter crap and its gonna take a lot of space @_@
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