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first teaching experiences...dun dun dun! [Sep. 11th, 2010|03:13 am]
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ok, so after over a month settling in and doing just about nothing at the BOE, finally started doing my 'real' job! (hey, not that I'm complaining much about doing nothing cause I got paid for it :P) I taught three days last week and each one brought different kinds of awkwardness and learning experiences. on my first day in the classroom the school definitely threw me a curve ball...yea, hope that doesn't happen again lol.


alrighty, so my first teaching experience wasn't in a classroom per se...it took place at a 'school' for kids who for some reason or another can't attend regular school (bullying, sickness, etc). first test run of my introduction power point game and just teaching in general. I really had no idea what to expect though, other than there was a girl there who really wanted to learn English. kinda funny actually, when my supervisor brought me around to all the different schools I overheard her talking to the head of this place and he definitely said that 'a girl [teacher] would be better'. the other two teachers in my town are guys, so I knew I'd be coming here eventually.

anyways, when I get there there is a girl in middle school AND her little brother, who is in 3rd grade. uh...great. such a difference in English abilities...gonna be difficult to try and form lessons for the both of them. D: so that was the first surprise, the second was that there were three adults there that sat in on my powerpoint and lesson. so like kids probably can't tell I'm fishing around for ideas on the spot, but adults can pick up on that quickly...bleh. anyways, so my powerpoint was fine, if a little on the short side, and I had a introduction worksheet for them to fill out. and this is when I realized that I didn't know how long I was supposed to be there for. totally planned for like 45 minutes, which is the normal time for schools, but I was there from 1:30-2:50pm. so...yea, lots of awkward 'omg how to fill in the silence?!' moments. @_@ made sure to find out how long they want me there for in the future (50 minutes).

so that was a little bumpy but doable. on Tuesday I was freaking out on what exactly to do the next day when I teach at two schools. like the elementary schools fax over an outline on what material they want covered, but one just said what lesson they were on and 'game'. uh...ok?! so throughout the day I was toying with ideas and outlining plans when come 2:30pm they announce that school will be canceled the next day because a typhoon is coming. say what? thought I was too north to get typhoons but guess not. the two schools I had got rescheduled to the other two ALTs on a later date. well ok...guess my classroom debut will be delayed a day. fine.

so the school I had to go to on Thursday was in the afternoon, so this time I spent the morning freaking out on what to do. this school has plenty of kids with around 33 kids in both 5th and 6th grade. the fax they sent basically wanted me to follow the lessons in the book. guess that's fine, I have whatever activities in the book in case I can't come up with anything. so...I get there and totally freak out the students. they didn't realize I was the new ALT lol. they're used to the other two ALTs who are guys, Caucasian, and have limited Japanese ability. so me being asian, a girl, and competent enough in Japanese definitely confused them. I got the 'omg I thought were you were somebody's parent!' comment. haha...ha. so anyways, one of the homeroom teachers tells me that 6th period is canceled so they can practice for their sports day. ok, fine, one less class to teach. however, they want to put both 5th and 6th graders together during 5th period for a total of 66 students. @_@ uh...crap?! sure I can do my powerpoint and all, but guess I can't do teams and wtf do I do afterwards?? textbook lessons were canceled so...we just played fruits basket o_o man having a sea of kids looking at you for your first lesson was a little intimidating D:

so that was 45 minutes of bleh. first experience of the whispering, giggling, and curious elementary students. the next day was a lot better. this school had 66 students TOTAL. whew time to breathe. taught 1st through 4th graders and geez they're cute. I could actually award stickers to teams and overall the powerpoint introduction went a lot smoother. afterwards, they wanted me to go over parts of the body so it was a marathon of 'head, shoulders, knees and toes, knees and toes' for three periods. it was surprisingly fun going faster and faster and faster. but holy crap it was tiring. ate lunch with the kids and a 2nd grader showed me all the different pets around the school. too cute lol. kinda funny how these kids thought I was like 19 instead of a mom :P none of them also thought I was Japanese, while at the prior school a good 1/3 thought I was hahahaha. also a little surprising for me was that they didn't really know who Lady Gaga, Beyonce, or Amuro Namie were. :/ but they ALL knew Tohoshinki and guessed them for my favorite singer(s). guess its an age thing...haha.

anyways, just my first two schools and I spend most of next week at my middle school so we'll see how that goes. also go back to that special school on Monday, this time with a firm plan faxed to me on what to do lol. time to start planning again.

and finally on a random note, went to a sports day today and OMG one of the teachers had Amuro Namie's BEST FICTION towel around his neck!! like I freaked, another Amuro fan!! XD when me and the other ALT approached him though he didn't seem all too excited that a foreigner was also a huge fan. :/ maybe I should have waited til I was actually teaching at that school to bring something like that up lolol. oh well. at least I know there's another person here who goes long distances to see her!!

aaand I'm still too lazy to post pictures. :P

[User Picture]From: arekearu
2010-09-11 11:33 pm (UTC)
that sounds pretty cool! My friends and I wanted to be ALTs at one point...and we're still sitting here in Florida. XD Good for you though!
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[User Picture]From: angelachibayuy
2010-09-12 12:35 am (UTC)
It sounds like you should be careful with your ALT as they are doing a few kinda suspicious things. Not legal wise, just in the practice of "Well even though this isn't the best idea for learning it makes our company money so meh"

Course now that you are here you can always search for another job if this one doesn't work out. I have heard mixed things about ALT. One of things most don't like is that you don't get any choice in what you do, especially if on JET. Interac I have heard is a little different, as are other private ALTs. Jet will probably only survive a few more years at best though cuz they have barely any contracts now.

So where are you at anyways?
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