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hallo and welcome to my Jpop music LiveJournal ^_^ if you don’t know what Jpop is, then in other words this is a journal for samples of Japanese mp3s (although a Chinese mp3 might pop up).

so yes, the downloads are free but there are some rules that you people have to follow.

first, the foremost rule of this and any music livejournal:
if you do download, please leave a comment!
please note that you don’t need a LiveJournal account to comment.

now you newbies are going, “now why should I?” well here you go:
-tells me I'm not encoding and uploading for nothing (dude, like each update takes like 1-2 hours)
-tells me what people like and don't like
-tells me that the people who visit my livejournal are POLITE and COURTEOUS

now don’t tell me you don’t want to feel all warm and fuzzy inside by commenting? ^_^

ok, a few more things about this journal:
-my journal is public and I'd like to keep it that way. I don't want to exclude people who don't have LJ accounts to get the music I upload.
-all mp3s are encoded at 128 kps for faster uploading and downloading times. want better quality? go to yesasia.com or another store and buy the CDs ^_^
-though this is a Jpop LJ, a Chinese mp3 might pop up
-I try not to repeat artists two weeks in a row
-I don't respond/reply to comments from "Anonymous" people

one more thing, I get annoying comments from people who obviously do NOT read the entry and ask where the password is. I think I leave some interesting info about each artist and some commentary about the song/album/whatever, so if people don't read it (hell just skim it) then I might as well just put links up for everybody to leech. .\_/.

if you’re looking for a personal journal…(but who’ll wanna read about my life? XD) you won’t find it here. actually, scratch that you’ll never find one XD ahahaha. my dA site has some crap journal that I barely write in but that’s as far as you’ll get with my personal life other than I’m a college student who spends way too much time with Jpop. and btw, I only friend my friends in real life (cept zhongwenmp3 cause she’s cool XD) so don’t expect me to friend you back.

and whew, that was long. sorry if I sounded mean with all the rules, but believe me, people can get really annoying XP

but yea, enjoy the mp3s~!