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wow I should update this more... [Jun. 2nd, 2011|09:51 am]
[Current Mood |bouncybouncy]
[Current Music |少女時代 - THE GREAT ESCAPE]

so yea, feel like its time to update this journal. its been 10 months since I moved back to Japan and life is really good. sure there have been bumps and whatnot along the way, but lately I've been thinking about how happy I am. and omg wow time has passed so fast. like its already June?! holy crap.

- teaching has been for the most part fun. sure there was that crazy school, but they had my favorite 6th grader classes. every school has its good and bad points, and its not all dependent on the students. I'm very comfortable in the classroom now. right now I'm really liking most of my elementary schools. I'd feel guilty if I request one over the other for next semester...but that brings me to....

- April brought change. supervisor changed and now the BOE is running around like a chicken with its head cut off, at least in terms of ALT issues. so yea, I'm not even sure if I can request schools now lol. the three of us are definitely getting the short end of the stick when it comes to their concerns, which really bothered all of us. there are still plenty of hiccups, but for the most part we are used to the new schedule, hence why I'm really enjoying myself now.

- in terms of concerts, the first half of 2011 really stunk. February concert for Crystal Kay got canceled because she got sick and the doctor ordered her to cancel her entire tour. then because of the huge earthquake two months ago, the MAY'S concert in April got postponed til September. and then the one Amuro Namie concert I got fanclub tix for got cancelend. D: BUT, my luck has been changing now! they reopened fanclub lotteries and this time I found myself with tickets to 5 shows XD only going to three, but it was really nice to have choices! lol so yay gonna see Amuro-chan 3 times!!

- and my latest obsession...oh dear. I could probably go on and on about it, but getting straight to the point, I really really really like GIRLS' GENERATION, aka SNSD aka Shoujo Jidai aka 9 girl Kpop group. like it was really bad a few weeks ago and soooo glad its cooled down. so basically the most of the stuff they release in Japan and the image they put out is sooooo much better than the AKB48 crap and whatnot. I'm so obsessed that I tried out and got a position as a Japanese translator for this one huge SNSD fansite XD I really liked 'Genie', but omg 'MR.TAXI'...I blame that song for my obsession >_> and now their new album is like totally awesome and gaaaah... so yea, judge me all you want but OMG SNSD. tho to be honest, I tried listening to their old Korean stuff and....most of it was earFAIL for me. besides their first song and a few here and there, for the most part its forgettable for me.

- which brings me to more concert goings...after like 6 total FAIL lottery attempts at getting SNSD tickets for their Japan tour, I FINALLY got lucky and now I'm going to Saitama to see them live!! :D like I really wanted to see them now because my friend, a kpop expert, said that most Kpop acts only stick around for 5 years...and SNSD has been around for 4 years so far... so yea I kinda freaked out lolol. looks like my luck is turning around!! 5 Amuro Namie and a Girls' Generation lottery WIN. finally going to my first concert this year!! holy crap its been awhile >_<

- what else...oh yea badminton has been going well. really feel like I'm becoming part of the local badminton team. played in my first badminton tournament in years on Sunday and it brought plenty of flashbacks to the high school years of competitive badminton. didn't do too bad, my partner (who is actually a mom of 2 students I teach) and I got 2nd in our round robin block, but yea lost the first round in the single elimination tournament. there are many different skill levels...especially among the high schoolers. I believe the girls who got 1st and 2nd in doubles were high schoolers. this just makes me want to practice more and improve, even though I know I've reached a plateau. oh well, the next tournament/meet whatever is in July.

- last thing...I'm going back home in August for like 12 days. mainly going back just for a friend's wedding, but yea, might as well go home since my parents are always bugging me. though I don't think they want me back temporarily... after home I decided to fly to Hawaii and stay with a friend for 5 days or so. so yea, a real vacation!! love how I can carry over the rest of my vacation days for that :D too bad the tickets were freaking expensive, guess most people travel in August >_< but yea, will not be in Japan for most of August. I already know I want to eat Chipotle, bagels and cream cheese, and my mom's beef noodle soup lol.

kk, yea thats about wraps it up for now. so theres like an 8-9 month gap since I last updated, but whatever.

[User Picture]From: brackdiamon
2011-06-02 07:49 pm (UTC)
it's nice to hear that you're doing quite happily now! Insanely jealous about you getting to see Namie again and so many times too. LOL when did you start liking SNSD? I got into them this January, so let's say I've been a fan for six months. WOW! I don't own anything of theirs though. Their concert looks like lots of fun. I saw the fancams of their solos and they are really good. :D My favorite is of course Jessica's but I won't spoil it for you. I'll just say that it was a way better choice of a solo song than at their Korean concerts. Haha your friend might be right about the K-pop group thing, I was a fan of DBSK before they broke up and look what happened. So defo take this chance while you can. When it comes to concerts, it's better to have a "now or never" kind of mentality even though I've only been to one concert and that was Beyoncé and she was of course, amazing.

I really wanna go to Japan adfafsagsgs. I think my best bet would be to go through a language program, but the problem lately has been that I only need 1 language class for my Associate's Degree and I want to leave here with my degree before moving to my Bachelor's and for my Bachelor's I've always wanted to major in film. I'm also going to take an acting class here and see how that goes. But one of my big passions are languages too, and I guess I need to start teaching myself Japanese with a program or something if it's something I'm really serious about.
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[User Picture]From: redsunsetxiii
2011-06-05 01:04 pm (UTC)
haha I started really really liking them about 5 weeks ago?? I'm a very new fan lol. and yea, once I get into something like this I have to get like everything D: its the damn collector's tendency in me. and their solos...I'll update my journal again soon about the whole experience, but I guess during my concert she was sick >_< but yea, seeing them live...can def mark that off of things I need to do before I leave Japan (if I ever do lol)

yea, language program is probably your best bet. hey you could minor in Japanese or Asian studies or something. and even if you dont, I know people who study abroad even if it doesn't match their major. I actually started Japanese teaching myself through lyrics and whatnot. get the textbook they use on your campus (if they teach Japanese) and go through it on your own time.
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[User Picture]From: angelachibayuy
2011-06-02 10:22 pm (UTC)
Have fun at SNSD, except if the latest news report is any indication it won't be "live" at all. Boyfriend and I considered getting tickets but 9000 yen is way overpriced for a first concert tour that although titled an Arena Tour isn't even in arenas for most of the places. Ah well, SM Productions is just raping the fans in Japan what with translated rereleases and rereleasing albums that already exist in their Korean form here then charging double the price. I like quite a few of the groups from the company... but yeah they won't be getting my money anytime soon.

You really should check out some of the current Hello Project Lineup, their performances are amazing, unlike AKB are almost always completely live, and they really love what they do. I would recommend Musume but with Ai-chan's graduation the fall tour will be pretty tough to get. The summer extravaganza concerts are great though, a bit pricy at 8000 but that is do to all the artists participating, a standard one-group concert is 6000.

I also will be in Hawaii this summer, for a Morning Musume FC tour! I'm such a geek but I'm cool with that.
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[User Picture]From: yume_mi
2011-06-04 09:52 am (UTC)
I can't wait for your Shoujo Jidai live report! XD
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