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[PV] BENI - The Boy Is Mine feat Tynisha Keli [Aug. 7th, 2009|01:47 pm]
[Current Music |JAY'ED - CRY FOR YOU]

yea, so you can blame all the leechers who downloaded JASMINE's single without commenting for me not updating. like over 130 downloads and what, 5 comments? please. guess if I'm gonna upload mp3s I'll have make them password protected or something >_> ugh

aaanyways, this PV caught my eye. like omg a cover of that Brandy and Monica song from way back when?! dang, way to go BENI!! and some girl I never heard of...anyways...

BENI - The Boy Is Mine feat Tynisha Keli (53.7mb)

download link and more ramblingCollapse )
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[single] JASMINE - sad to say [Jun. 26th, 2009|09:24 pm]
[Current Mood |pensivepensive]
[Current Music |twenty4-7 - analog]

wow, her debut single is doing surprisingly well. broke oricon's top 10 today! and 'sad to say' is a lot easier to listen to when you don't have her walking around with her crazy outfit. other three tracks on the single are great too! check them out~

comment if taking .\_/.

MP3 DOWNLOAD - JASMINE - sad to say:
1 - sad to say
2 - i'm in luv wit u [1989 remix]
3 - Koi
4 - i'm in luv wit u [laid back remix]

short review and download linksCollapse )
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introducing...JASMINE [Jun. 8th, 2009|07:49 pm]
[Current Mood |sleepysleepy]
[Current Music |MiChi - KISS KISS xxx]

holy crap its been awhile. last music download entry was like what, August 08?! back then I introduced JAY'ED who now has a hit duet with singer JUJU. now lets see if this newcomer will reach success too.


again, all my video downloads are iPod ready :) and comment if taking .\_/.

JASMINE - sad to say (52.6mb)

intrigued by her sense of style? no? how about her music?Collapse )
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I'll be home in one month... [May. 1st, 2009|08:02 am]
[Current Mood |okayokay]
[Current Music |JUJU with JAY'ED - Ashita ga Kuru nara]

....crap. exactly one month from now I'll be back in the US of A (give or take the time difference). as expected, not ready to go back and already planning my options on coming back to teach English since when I graduate in the winter, there will be like no jobs available cause the economy sucks now. already lost my yearly summer internship cause of the recession so there really is no reason for me to go back... :(

that, and its so much easier to stalk Amuro-chan here. as well as other artists :P info for summer and fall concerts are coming out and makes me really depressed that I won't get to see BONNIE PINK live :( :(

ok, could whine some more but for you LJ people that used to come by here for some Jpop mp3s and info, this means that I'll start this up again. if any of you are still around after my like one year hiatus lol.
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Amuro Namie in Concert!!! [Feb. 26th, 2009|08:45 am]
[Current Mood |ecstaticecstatic]
[Current Music |Namie Amuro - GIRL TALK]

Ok, so I know I haven't been updating or whatever for the past several months...I dunno, kinda a mix of not having time and having bad uploading speeds that I don't have anything to post. :/

but ANYWAYS, I saw my idol/obsession tonight: AMURO NAMIE. holy crap I can die happy now ^__^

read more about Amuro-chan's concert!Collapse )

so I have a quiz tomorrow and another concert to go to (this time its Aoyama Thelma) so I really should get to bed or studying. oh well, I'm still on a high from Amuro's concert so whatever :D

here's hoping that I'll update this more...only three months left in Japan...NOOOOooooooo.... but still have like 10 concerts left.
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AI in concert! [Oct. 13th, 2008|08:26 am]
just went to my first concert here in Japan so yay. well, actually more like a mini concert, but AI was guest performing at some basketball event so of course I gotta go and see it XD

more details later (I got a speech I haven't prepared for yet...), but this is just the start of my concert goings in Japan ^__^ hoping to try out the uploading again now that I adjusted to life here...for the most part.
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hmmm.... [Sep. 14th, 2008|10:40 pm]
[Current Mood |cheerfulcheerful]
[Current Music |Aya Kamiki - Good-bye my love]

so I've been in Japan for about two weeks now. yay
I have internet at my host family's. yay
my upload speed really really sucks. boo

tried uploading some songs the other day and those died...

guess I'll drag my laptop or something to the university where the connection is a lot better, so don't think you've seen the last of this journal.
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Who is.... JAY'ED? [Aug. 22nd, 2008|11:06 pm]
[Current Mood |nostalgicnostalgic]
[Current Music |Crystal Kay - Suki]

next up is an introduction to a upcoming solo J-urban singer. after being featured with a few other rather unknown artists, JAY'ED is starting to take the solo act seriously after releasing his first single "Superwoman".

this entry features a video download! to set myself apart from other places on the net, I'm gonna make all my videos iPod ready (classic/video that is), so just drop them on and you can play them there too.


MP3 Downloads:
NORISIAM-X - Pop Them Bottles feat JAY'ED (album version)

VIDEO Download:
JAY'ED - Superwoman

find out more about JAY'EDCollapse )
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Amuro Namie in Taiwan and mini 'BEST FICTION' review [Aug. 13th, 2008|08:11 pm]
[Current Mood |determineddetermined]
[Current Music |BONNIE PINK - Kane wo Narashite]

OK, time to get this music blog rolling. see previous entry to see what I'm talking about. downloading rules still apply! basically comment if you download, otherwise I'll remove them.


Amuro Namie - Do Me More
Amuro Namie - Sexy Girl
Amuro Namie - The Speed Star

ooooh yea, Amuro Namie is everywhere in TaiwanCollapse )
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time to change this up.... [Jun. 25th, 2008|06:29 pm]
[Current Mood |apatheticapathetic]
[Current Music |Dohzi-T - Mou Ichido... feat BENI]

ok, so this was friends only, until I realized that like only 2-3 of my friends actually downloaded from me in the first place. lol

so anyways, truth be told, these past two months of not updating has been great. don't have to worry about what songs to put up and save the extra hour or two for something else now that free time is in short supply cause of the full time internship. plus, I got into a bad habit of uploading mainly new songs just cause it was convenient.

I still want to keep the journal rather open while still featuring my J-music obsession. so I think I'll actually make this a blog blog. I have a tendency when listening or watching a new song or video to make snide comments (like, ew, why oh why did you grow facial hair?). and so in lieu of the 10 songs every other week, I'll just up a song or two when I get an itch to show the world how great (or cheesy or whatever) the song is.

still wanna go with the travel journal idea, though not sure how well it'll mesh with the music entries. do you people actually care about my travels? hmhmmm.... speaking of traveling, I leave the country for the first time on Sunday, bound for Taiwan. for 5 weeks. and right now I'm not too excited about it. >_> I have money to make, books to read, badminton and video games to play, people to see and drawings to draw. ugh. I'm sure once I'm there I'll be cool with it, but right now I just see summer plans going out the window.

so yea, dunno if I'm bringing my laptop with me to Taiwan, but definitely the music entries should be back up in August, just with a different and more random format.
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